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Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

On Location Portraits


90 Minute On Location Portrait Session*

Access to Complimentary Closet

Digital Images with print release

*weekend fee $50


In the blink of an eye.

With all the inside jokes, all that you've been through together, all the laughs and tears and hugs, it's time to capture this moment forever!  Our photos have a power like nothing else as the days, seasons and years pass by.  Let's make that vision of a family portrait that you've had in your head finally become a reality.


I understand that planning family portraits, whether it is a milestone portrait session or a birthday portrait session, there are a lot of things to think about when planning.  As a mother of a big family, I have been there and am there for you to guide you through it.

Your Session

Once the session starts, your job is over!  I will help create an atmosphere where you can relax with your family so that we can discover your true personalities through our lenses.  I want this to be a day that comes a memory of a time when you were able to slow down to focus on each other.  Family portraits are actually fun!  You'll get the shots that you're looking for to highlight all the special relationships and the goofy, tender and feisty interactions.   

FAQ about On Location Portraits:

What if the weather is not ideal the day of the session?

Don't fret!  Kentucky weather is always unpredictable.  I recommend not looking at the weather until the day before or day of the session.  I know you may want a sunny warm day, but cloud days are amazing for portraits! If the weather isn't ideal, we simply touch base the day of the session and agree on rescheduling or moving the session indoors.

What time of the day is best for the session?

I prefer either doing the session first thing in the morning or at sunset.  These times provide the best lighting. During the summer I do try avoid the heat of the day so sunset photos typically are later in the evening.

I have a high school senior, is this considered an on location portrait session?

Absolutely!  No reason to treat your senior any different!  And bring the family along.  Let's get a family portrait at the same time.

How many outfits can my kids wear?

I don't set a number, but you know your kids best.  Typically a magic number is 3.  But let's be real, no kid likes to be changed over and over!  So if you have a one or two favorite outfits, let's stick to those!

How many images are included in my session?

I don't set a certain number of images due to the fact that every family is unique.  On average I deliver 40-50 unique images.

Do prints come with my session?

All sessions are digital, which means, you receive a digital download via a password protected gallery.  You can print and share your images however you like.  I realize life is busy, so if you would like to order prints directly from your gallery, you can!  It's that simple.  They will come directly to your house.   Just remember, there is no obligation to order prints from me.  If you choose to order on your own, I can provide reccomendations of my favorite places to order prints and wall art. 

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