When the wedding day is over, the guests have gone home, and the dress is put away... what you are left with are the memories of your wedding... and hopefully a collection of amazing photographs that will bring back the emotion to each of the memories you hold in your heart.


Choosing the right photographer is about so much more than just price; it is about finding someone to document your day with high quality portraits that will keep your wedding memories alive for many years to come.

When making the choice of who to hire, how much to spend, what is the difference between the person charging $400 and the person charging $4000 is... take a deep breathe and don't get frustrated.. and definitely don't jump to any conclusions!!

The first thing to do is to carefully look at their work, their style, the colors and even the angles they tend to shoot.  Decide right then and there if that person captures the moments, angles and emotion that you are looking to have captured on your big day.  If not - then they just might not be the right photographer for you.  (That doesn't mean they are not amazing... just not compatible with your taste and that's okay... it's better to be honest than sorry!)  For the sake of both parties - wouldn't it be better and less nerve racking to feel confidant about the style and quality of your wedding photographs than regret it later?

Next, carefully consider the investment versus what prints/products you will get in return, and with that being said - make sure you know exactly what you are actually getting.  (If you get digital images - can you print them?  How large can you print them?  Are they low or high resolution?  Are they digitally enhanced or not?)  Don't make a hasty decision based on how many zeros a quote does or does not have without asking questions.  Unfortunately... sometimes you "get what you pay for" and when it comes to your wedding - you don't want to risk that!  (But that's not to say that there aren't some amazingly talented individuals who are capable of pricing their services at lower prices than you would "traditionally" see.)

So what will your investment be if you choose to work with HUEit Photography? It's really up to you! We have a few collections available starting with the "essentials" and going up from there.  But... we are also willing to discuss your needs and custom build you your own collection.

For more custom/detailed pricing, please tell me a little bit about you and your wedding plans by emailing me directly.

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